KW coilovers 'inox-line' offer the highest possible lowering adjustment range. The struts are made of stainless steel and come in 3 different damping variants.
Street Comfort
from £1040,00
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Street Performance
V1, V2, V3, V4
from £0,00
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electronic adjustable
from £1800,00
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HLS - Hydraulic Lift System
More ground clearance at the push of a button. You can lift your car by 45mm with the HLS lift kit to be able to drive safely over obstacles i.e. speed bumps.
from £3173,00
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Competition racing suspension
KW competition racing suspension available in two damping versions for armateur and international use in top motor sport. KW Competitionis not only superior in terms of performance, but also in quality.
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DLC - Dynamic Level Control
The KW DLC allows a visually appealing lowering for vehicles and SUV with standard air suspension. The electronic lowering module is connected to the onboard network via the stock wiring via an adapter connector and can optionally be controlled via App.
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Height adjustable spring kits
KW height adjustable spring kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. You can adjust the height of your vehicle with the KW height adjuster.
from £460,00
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Sport Springs
Every ST sport spring is made from high tensile chrome silicon steel and manufactured in a cold winding process for maximum durability in ALL weather conditions! Available for more than 1000 applications ST spring kits will improve the overall look and driving dynamics of your car.
from £99,00
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Sport Suspensions
Superb quality at an affordable price – ST sport suspension kits feature sophisticated twin-tube damper technology for improved handling and drivability. With matched rebound/spring rates you can guarantee eXcellent driving dynamics for every car fitted with ST sport suspension.
from £399,00
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Sport Shocks
ST sport shocks are the perfect upgrade for old or tired dampers, providing a much sportier handling thanks to a shortened rebound construction. What’s more, ST sport shocks can be used with a wide range of sport springs from every manufacturer.
from £89,00
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Top Mounts
From KW you can also get adjustable support bearings and top mounts made of high-strength aluminum. Depending on the version, they have a scalable camber adjustment and are optionally adjustable in caster.
from £163,00
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Anti Sway Bars
Anti-sway bars allow users to fine tune the driving behavior of their vehicle, by increasing roll stiffness. This reduces body roll and increases stability and handling.
from £185,00
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Quad Suspension
The demand for ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) and quads is constantly increasing and KW offers a wide range of springs and coilovers for this vehicle class.
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High Performance Racing Springs
Our KW racing springs from specially alloyed and tempered spring steel are up to 30% more efficient than conventional racing springs. At the same length, they provide more suspension travel, larger block load and a lower weight.
from £29,00
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Spring Distance Kits
WEITEC spring distance kits offer an individual lifting of vehicles that are permanently loaded or when towing a trailer. You can improve access, comfort and increase the wheel clearance.
from £59,00
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Suspension accessories
Our huge product range of individual suspension solutions also includes accessories such as cancellation kits for cars with electronic damping control, tools, adjustable control arm sets and xenon anti swaybar conversion kits.
from £9,00
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Spare Parts
In the category KW spare parts you will find KW spring perches, KW spanner wrenches, KW elastomer bump stops, replacement shock absorbers, anti sway bars and much more.
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Racing overalls, gloves or functional clothing - find high quality products in the KW collection
from £99,00
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For our KW dealers we constantly extend our range of point-of-sale products like pens, stickers, tents, chairs and many more.
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Wheel spacers and mounting accessories
ST spacers are made from aluminium for maximum strength and lightness before being anodized black for a super-resilient finish. Each spacer is mounted between the wheel hub and alloy wheel so a good, smooth construction is essential. Once fitted, each wheel sits wider giving a much sportier look as well as improving the overall driving dynamics.
Wheel spacers
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Wheel bolts / Anti Theft Locks
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Wheel nuts / Anti Theft Locks
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