Welcome in the world of KW E-Sport!

E-Sport, the sporty competition with computer games, is a globally booming market. In America, Korea and Japan, E-Sport Championships fill entire arenas and are even shown on TV. KW with its E-Sport engagement connects motorsport fans, race teams, motorsport suppliers and professional racers under the umbrella of the global KW family!

Experience KW virtually on PC!

We live for innovations - we believe that every motorsport enthusiast should have the ability to do racing sport himself. For this reason, you will not only find us on the road and on the race track but also virtually in our own racing simulation RaceRoom Racing Experience.

  • A motor sound like in real life!
  • Detailed created race tracks!
  • The perfectly simulated driving physics catapults you right into the race!

Become a KW race car driver and experience the fascination of virtual motorsports. Compete against motorsport fans and real racers worldwide and experience KW performance on legendary race tracks. All you need is an Internet connection and a current desktop PC!

ATTENTION: KW E-Sport is not only for gamers, but for everyone with petrol in their veins!

Get ready for a massive Championship Event – the KW virtual Racing Challenge 2017!


Which KW dealer has the fastest customers?

Together with our specialist dealer network we will organize a Germany-wide E-Sport top-class event with attractive prizes!

Become a KW race driver at your favorite KW dealer nearby and compete against customers of other KW locations in Germany.

All participating dealers will get the virtual KW race track in their own show room. You will drive for the fastest lap time with high-end RaceRoom simulators.

The lap times of all KW locations are listed in a Germany-wide KW leaderboard.

Championship dates 2017:
  • Q2 Championship: 04.01. - 06.30.2017 / Race track Spielberg Red Bull Ring
  • Q3 Championship: 07.01. - 09.30.2017 / Race track Oschersleben
  • Q4 Championship: 10.01. - 12.31.2017 / Race track Slovakia Ring
Participating dealers:

1a Autoservice - Kehl (Germany)
Autohaus Hagl GmbH - Ottobrunn (Germany)
Automotive-direct Handels GmbH - Bischofsheim (Germany)
Joos Sportwagentechnik - Balingen (Germany)
KW automotive GmbH - Fichtenberg (Germany)
KW automotive UK - Kent (United Kingdom)
Raab Automobile - Windelsbach (Germany)
RFK Tuning - Waldfischbach (Germany)
Sidney Industries GmbH - Dortmund (Germany)
WAS Automobil GmbH - Herzogenaurach (Germany)


We will raffle attractive prizes among the 25 best drivers from each quarter-Cup. The winners will be notified by E-Mail within 7 business days after the end of the respective quarter. Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

Q2 Championship:
  • 1x KW Coilover kit with a value of 1000 EUR
  • 1x KW Softshell Jacket  
  • 1x Tickets for 2 persons for ADAC GT Masters Nurburgring

The training sessions take place online:

You can now start with the free online practice in in RaceRoom Racing Experience!

It´s this simple:

  1. Install the game RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E)
    The game is available for free via the game platform Steam.

    System requirements

    Click on the button „START GAME“, to install RaceRoom Racing Experience

  2. Register your free racer profile

    You have received a voucher Code? Redeem your code either directly during registration of your profile in the registration form under "Redeem Code", or later in your RaceRoom profile via the “vRP” menu button, located at the top right next to your profile name.

  3. Start the Online Training
    You can do this in the game directly via the menu button „Competitions“ or you click here on the button „Start online training”.

Recommended accessories for even more realism

As in real motorsport, also on the virtual race track the right equipment affects the performance.

The driving behavior of virtual race cars requires a lot of sensitivity and exercise, just like in reality. To control the race car with the keyboard or mouse is possible, but if you want to achieve success in the competition, you should go in the race with a gaming steering wheel with pedals.

At you will find the matching equipment.

Especially for all participants of the KW virtual Racing Challenge, RaceRoom has put together a special Hardware-deal! Just send an E-Mail to Subject: „KW Racing Challenge 2017 /Your user name in RaceRoom Racing Experience”, and we will send to you your personal discount code for selected equipment.